Machisa Design Services is a professional design firm staffed by architects, interior designers, and planners. Our design philosophy is deep rooted in our belief that architecture is a dynamic process that should integrate elements from the past and present with a clear vision of the future. Our firm has expertise in architecture, interior design, planning, and restoration, graphic and urban design.

Machisa Design Services was established in 1997 in Columbus, Ohio, USA. With excellence as our hallmark, our firm has completed many projects. We have an international reputation for outstanding design in Commercial, Health Care, Physician Offices, Transportation, Recreational Facilities, Residential and Institutional Facilities. MDS is presently active in both United States and Africa.
We view design as an interactive process and believe that active engagement with the client is important for successful outcomes. Our design methodology starts with sitting with the client to define the problem. With a clear definition of the problem, our design team now has essential tools for determining the project goals and objectives, design constraints and project requirements. Encouraging our clients to be part of our process and working collaboratively with them enriches the project and ensures that the design needs are not just met, but are exceeded.

The collective history of successful projects demonstrates the capabilities of our professionals. The diversity of talent possessed by our firm allows for a broad range of project types to be expertly delivered on-time and on-budget. Our services include:

• Planning
• Programming
• Design / Build
• Graphic Design
• Building Design
• Master Planning
• Site Master Planning
• Project Management, and
• Construction Management
Machisa Design Services is qualified to tackle your architectural and engineering project needs. We wish to thank our past and present clients and welcome our new ones. We are grateful to those who have worked with us to create and improve our environment and relish the experience. We look forward to working with our new clients to experience the joys of collaboration in the design and development of their visions to alter space in a functional, but equally visually pleasing manner.

Trade Mark …………… Machisa BLU, MDS, MCS.
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